Audi Q5 Garage Door Opener – How to Program

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How to Program an Audi Q5 Garage Door Opener GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | Choosing the right garage door opener for your Audi Q5 can be a daunting task.

There are so many options to consider, and one of the most popular is the Homelink function. It will open and close your door automatically whenever it is open or closed, regardless of which vehicle is in the vicinity.

Listed below are some benefits of the Homelink function. Read on to learn more. Once you’ve decided to purchase one, you can learn how to program it for your Audi.

How to Program an Audi Q5 Garage Door Opener

#Android Auto

If you have an Audi Q5 and are looking to get some extra features for the car, you can use the android Auto feature to interface with your garage door opener.

The feature lets you open your garage door remotely and minimize distraction while driving. The garage door opener is controlled by an ismartgate device, a small hardware add-on that wires to your vehicle’s control board and connects to the ismartgate app via Wi-Fi.

The app is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems. It offers many useful features. For example, you can transfer the content from your smartphone’s calendar to your car’s screen, as well as start up the engine.

The app uses near-field communication (NFC), a standard for data transmission. To use this feature, you simply hold your smartphone near the driver’s door handle, which contains an NFC antenna. You can also place your smartphone in the phone box, which has an NFC antenna.


UR-Mode is a new garage door opener system for Audi Q5 models. This feature makes it easy for drivers to program the system.

Once installed, the device will automatically open and close the garage door when the car’s hazard lights blink three times, once when the signal is accepted, and no more.

The UR-Mode system is compatible with both manual and automatic garage doors, as well as with most universal openers.

To program the UR-Mode system in an Audi, follow the steps below. First, park your car near the garage, preferably away from the automatic gates.

Press the START button in the car without pressing the brake pedal. The dash lights should turn on, but the engine will not start.

Hold the button on the car’s dashboard for ten seconds. The Audi will then synchronize the code with the garage door opener.

Next, press the third and first buttons on the remote control. The HomeLink indicator should blink fast for about 20 seconds. This will clear any previous programming from the garage door opener.

Once you’ve completed the programming, you can move on to the next step. For best results, do this with a remote control.

For a more convenient approach, try a Bluetooth remote control. It’s easy to pair the two devices, but you’ll need to know how to program the UR-Mode system in your specific case.

How to Program an Audi Q5 Garage Door Opener


To program the D-Mode for your Audi Q5 garage door opener, follow the steps below. Once you have the D-Mode programmed in your garage door opener, the Audi will unlock your garage door.

First, park your car away from the garage and automatic gates. Press and hold the START button on your car without pressing the brake pedal.

Your car’s dash lights should turn on, but the engine won’t start. Then, hold the button near the dome light on your car for 10 seconds.

To begin using D-Mode, program your opener on your Audi’s dashboard. It will take a couple of minutes to program your opener, but once you’ve got it working, you’ll love using your Audi Q5 with it. Luckily, this feature works with most of the modern Audis, including the Q5.

If the D-Mode is not programmed, you’ll have to manually program your garage door opener. You can do this by holding the HomeLink button on your car’s dashboard and pressing it repeatedly until the LED blinks.

Alternatively, you can use your Audi’s hazard light to signal the garage door opener. This way, you can easily access your garage door without having to go out and open it.

To program the D-Mode on your garage door opener, hold the D-Mode button beneath the driver’s side headlight and wait for the hazards to flash three times.

If you have a D-Mode-compatible car remote, you should be able to program your Audi Q5 garage door opener to work in D-Mode.

After programming your garage door opener to work in D-Mode, you’ll be able to open the door without getting out of your car.

#Reprogramming a garage door opener

When reprogramming an Audi q5 garage door remote control, it’s important to remember that the system only allows you to erase a single setting.

The keypad’s ‘learn’ and’replace’ buttons will be inactive if you haven’t programmed them yet. Press one of the arrows to press the’replace’ or ‘programme’ button simultaneously. Then, wait 30 seconds for the entire programming procedure to complete.

The “learn” button will flash rapidly for two seconds, then solid. The button will be a different color depending on the manufacturer. If it’s a blue button, then you need to wait 30 seconds before pressing the button.

If you don’t want to risk losing your code, hold the button for a few seconds before pressing it two more times. Once the buttons are programmed, the Audi and garage door opener will synchronize.

Once you’ve pressed the learn button, you should see a green or red light appear on the garage door opener’s display. Press it to begin the process. If the button is not visible, you may need to ask a second person to help you find it.

The button is usually near the antenna wire and can be hard to spot. Hold the button down for about ten seconds until you see the LED indicator blinking and the next step will begin.

Fixed code systems – Audi Q5 Garage Door Opener

#Fixed code systems

A fixed code system for an Audi q5 garage door opener works with the Homelink feature on your car. By pressing the button on the Audi, you can activate the door without having to push a lever.

Once the door is open, the program will be activated and the garage door will close automatically. The Fixed Code device is easy to program with the Homelink feature on your Audi. It requires a few minutes of setup before it’s ready for use.

First, locate the “Learn” button on the remote. This is usually located on the garage door opener control panel near the driver’s seat, close to the other buttons on the vehicle.

Press the button for a few seconds and wait for it to flash. You should see an indicator light, which should turn red or green. Press the button for about 30 seconds until you have a successful programming.

If you don’t find the keypad on the remote, try the transmitter inside the car. You should have enough time to program the keypad to the door and try the garage door opener.

Try to park the car far away from the door, press the up arrow on your vehicle’s steering wheel, and then reverse toward the gate to test the door opener.

Once you’ve mastered the keypad, you’ll be ready to program your garage door opener to your car’s HomeLink feature.

#Reprogramming a rolling code system

To reprogramme a rolling code system for an Audi Q5, firstly check the instructions manual. It will indicate whether the device is a rolling code or a fixed code.

If the manual is missing, you can also try the steps outlined in the video below. When you’ve completed these steps, you should have the in-car transmitter programmed to the device.

Then, wait 30 seconds before pressing the learn button. If it flashes rapidly for two seconds, you have successfully programmed the system.

If it fails to work, the next time you try to open the garage door, press the “learn” button again. After the third time, the two-second blinking LED indicator will stay solid. Wait 30 seconds and the two-second delay will allow the door and the Audi to synchronize their codes.

Once you’ve paired the two devices, test them by pressing the ‘learn’ and’replace’ buttons on the control box. The door should respond to the code, but you may need to press the buttons multiple times.

In the event that the keypad is in the wrong place, repeat the steps described above. This should fix the problem. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, there are still other ways to reprogramme a rolling code system for an Audi Q5.

The next step in reprogramming a rolling code system for an audi Q5 garage door opener is to reset the button. Some keypads have separate up and down arrow buttons, while others have the same button with up and down sides.

You can use a remote controller to sync the buttons in your car. If you’ve done this correctly, your door will open and close and you’ll have your new set of programmable buttons!

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