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Danley Garages – 125 Years of Building Custom Garages GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | 125 years of building custom garages are more than enough reason to choose Danleys. From double walled construction to economic, professional designs, Danleys has it all.

Contact them today to receive a free quote! To learn more about their services, call 877-Danleys. They also offer free estimates.

In addition to offering free estimates, you can also find out about their various warranty programs and installation procedures.

Danley Garages – 125 Years of Building Custom Garages


A Northbrook company recently announced the acquisition of Danley’s Garage World and Early Times Home Solutions. While the three companies will continue to operate separately, all employees will remain.

The deal was struck after Feldco CEO Doug Cook learned that the owners of both companies planned to retire. The purchase was a “natural fit” for both companies, as each offers a unique blend of garage building products and services.

After the acquisition, Gibson will serve as president of the new Danley’s. The owners will remain on the company’s payroll as consultants for five years.


Custom, free-standing garages are a specialty of Danley’s Garage World. With a few quick steps, you can add one, two, or three walls of storage in as little as a week.

The walls are constructed of durable high-density injected molded PVC and feature adjustable shelving and black rubber-coated steel.

A customized garage is an excellent option for any home, especially one that has limited space and requires a lot of work.

Danley Garages – 125 Years of Building Custom Garages

#Double walled

If you’re looking for an affordable custom garage in the Chicago or northwest Indiana area, consider double walled Danley garages.

These garages are made with high-density injected-molded PVC and are available with one, two, or three walls. They also come with adjustable shelves and black rubber-coated steel. They’re a perfect solution for a small garage, or even a large one!

Before you install soundproofing panels, consider closing any windows. If you’re worried about acoustics affecting your garage, consider using bricks to block out unwanted noise.

If you ever plan to sell the house, the bricks can be easily removed. Or, you can choose to install custom acoustic plugs that absorb sound. These are easy to install, and you can choose from acoustic panels, acoustic blankets, or soundproof foam.


The custom garage builders at Danley’s Garages are an American family business that has built more than 150,000 custom garages in the northwest Indiana and Chicago areas.

The company has close to 50 percent of the market in these regions. Since its founding in 1885, the company has built custom garages for people from all walks of life.

With a vast knowledge of garage construction and a commitment to quality, you can be sure that you’ll get the highest-quality custom garage for your home.

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