The Destiny 1200 Garage Door Opener

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The Destiny 1200 Garage Door Opener GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | With advanced safety features, the Destiny(r) 1200 garage door opener is able to open doors of all weight classes and still keep the garage comfortable.

DoorDetect(tm) monitors the operator every time it starts and supplies the proper amount of power to open doors of all weight classes safely.

The door will stop if it detects any problem, and the Safe-T-Beam(r) system reverses the door if something crosses its path.

The Destiny 1200 Garage Door Opener

Overhead Door(tm) Offers a Range of Residential Garage Door Openers

Overhead Door is a leading provider of commercial and residential garage doors, and also a range of related products.

Their wide variety of residential garage doors includes aluminum, Carriage House, and Thermacore(r) doors. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find a door suitable for your home with Overhead Door.

The company’s commercial garage door openers have a long history of performance and reliability, and can handle several types of garage doors.

Overhead Door’s battery backup unit ensures a smooth and quiet operation, even in power outages. The DC motor ensures low noise and minimal wear and tear on your garage.

The monitored tension prevents cables from becoming unspooled. And because Overhead Door(tm) residential garage door openers have a new security code every time you open your door, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

Which type of opener you choose depends on the size and weight of your door and the main features of your garage. If you’re unsure, speak with a Red Ribbon distributor.

They’ll help you determine the weight and size of your garage door and recommend the best opener for it. Large, heavy garage doors require a more powerful opener that can move them quickly. The higher the power, the faster the door will move.

Genie’s Screw Drive Technology Lifts Heavy Doors

Unlike other garage door openers, Genie’s screw drive system works directly on a threaded steel rod instead of a belt or chain.

They have fewer moving parts and low maintenance, which is good news for consumers. Additionally, these units lift heavy doors very quickly, even those that are more than a few feet in height.

Another advantage of Genie screw drive systems is that they come factory lubricated, which reduces wear and tear on the door.

The two HPc power DC motor in Genie’s MachForce Plus screw drive garage door opener is capable of lifting heavy residential doors.

They are quieter than traditional models, and have additional safety features like a safety beam and an Intellicode (r) Security encryption technology.

The Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener includes a keypad and safety beams. These features make Genie openers even safer.

Destiny 1200 Garage Door Opener

Overhead Door’s Signature Insulation Technology Regulates The Temperature of Your Garage

An insulated garage door has several advantages. It regulates the temperature of your garage while allowing warm indoor air to flow through while preventing cold outside air from entering.

In addition to regulating the temperature, an insulated garage door also improves the strength and durability of your garage door.

You’ll enjoy a lower energy bill and less noise. And because insulated doors keep out harmful UV rays, they’re quieter to operate.

Insulation prevents extreme temperatures from damaging the internal parts of your garage door. The internal system of a garage door includes cables, brackets, springs, and rollers.

Using high-quality insulation will prevent these parts from becoming damaged and will ensure your garage door stays functional.

Overhead Door’s signature insulation technology regulates the temperature of your garage to keep it comfortable year-round.

Keeping your garage comfortable is essential for your home’s health. In addition to protecting your home from the elements, overheating and cooling costs can be expensive.

By installing an overhead door with Thermacore insulation, you can drastically reduce the airflow and regulate the temperature of your garage. Moreover, thanks to the door’s world-class insulation, the doors pay for themselves in as little as five years.

If you live in an area where the winters can be brutal, insulated garage doors can help you stay comfortable. They can prevent excess heat from entering the garage during the summer, which can result in lower heating costs and increased comfort.

It is also possible to get a garage door that is completely insulated, which will keep your garage a comfortable temperature year-round. If you do that, you can enjoy reduced cooling and heating costs.

Overhead Door’s Belt Drive Technology is Ultra-Quiet

The Destiny(r) 1200 series is one of the quietest garage door openers on the market, offering a high-speed, powerful motor in a low-noise package.

This belt drive garage door opener features a 140V DC motor, a soft-start system, and a DoorDetect(tm) motion detection system. It is perfect for homes that are both attached to and separated from the garage.

It features a codeDodger(tm) access security system that prevents piracy of the radio signal and a Two-Bulb Lighting System with Motion Detection.

The door automatically reverses if an object passes through the beam. A self-diagnostic sensor alerts you to misalignment or damage and a Digital Wireless Keypad with a flip-up cover for convenience.

Overhead Door’s atoms series garage door opener includes two remote controls with built-in Wi-Fi. This model is equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module and an advanced cellular phone control system.

The RYOBI GD201 ultra-quiet garage door opener features two horsepower and a belt drive. The ultra-quiet version of this door opener comes with the latest 3-button remote and a Power Plus 140V motor with low noise operation.

The new upgraded 1,100 Lumens integrated LED lighting provides more than 30,000 hours of illumination. This type of lighting is eco-friendly, emitting very little UV spectrum or heat, minimizing its attractiveness to bugs and other creatures.

In addition, the motorhead is rotated according to lighting direction. Programming is easy thanks to the LCD display. The opener also comes with one 315MHz 4-channel remote control with multi-bit code technology for interference-free performance.

Maintenance of Destiny 1200 Garage door opener

The Destiny(r) 1200 garage door opener offers reliability and power, as well as a smooth and quiet operation. Its powerful motor delivers maximum power and speed, and reduces wear and tear on the garage door.

With the integrated DoorDetect(tm) monitoring system, this opener is perfect for residential sectional or one-piece garage doors up to eight feet tall. For more information, see the Destiny’s complete maintenance manual.

The Destiny 1200 garage door opener operates silently thanks to its 140V DC motor. It offers 4.3 billion combinations of possible codes, preventing piracy of radio signals and ensuring a safe garage environment.

The system also features two 100-watt light systems for safety and security. In addition, it is compatible with Car2U and HomeLink systems and is compatible with both. Its 4.3-billion-combination capacity means it’s compatible with most home security systems.

The manufacturer recommends maintaining the Destiny 1200 garage door opener with routine maintenance. The manuals can be downloaded, read online, or printed. Overhead Door provides owners with a comprehensive list of recommended parts and services.

The company’s technicians are skilled in servicing all types of garage doors, from standard openers to complex, customized openers. Overhead Door’s garage door openers have built-in safety features, so they’re reliable and easy to maintain.

Overhead Door Destiny 1200

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