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The Benefits of EXL Garage Doors GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | If you’re looking for a full-service garage door company, look no further than EXL Garage Doors.

From installation to repairs, they offer real solutions for all of your garage door needs. You can count on their friendly, knowledgeable staff to provide the assistance you need to get the most out of your garage door.

We can also help you select the right door for your needs and ensure your door is working properly. To learn more about the benefits of EXL Garage Doors, read on.

The Benefits of EXL Garage Doors


The Roll-up garage door uses a series of slats that fold up one at a time. The slats then allow the garage door to roll upward.

Normally, rollup doors are made of steel or aluminum, but wood or fiberglass are also used. In addition to their durability, Roll-up garage doors are very user-friendly. You can even use one to keep your car inside your garage.

The advantages of roll-up garage doors are numerous. Despite being made of steel, these garage doors are durable and can resist the wear and tear of harsh weather and everyday use.

They also require less space to store compared to conventional garage door materials. Unlike sectional doors, roll-up garage doors require very little space above the garage ceiling. Because of this, roll-up garage doors are great for any home.

When selecting a Roll-up garage door, you want to ensure that the door will resist burglary attempts. A door that meets the LPS 1175 standard has been proven to be highly resistant to timed manual attacks using commercially available tools.

The LPS 1175 standard is supported by the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Chief Police Officers. This means that the doors can withstand a number of different types of burglary attempts.

A SeceuroGlide Excel roller door from Exl features a patented locking system that automatically locks the garage door when closed.

This helps prevent the curtain roll from being forced out of the guide rails and into the garage itself. This door is equipped with steel end plates and a steel webbing assembly system to further enhance its security. It is also rated Secured by Design, an initiative promoted by the UK Police to help reduce crime in the country.

#Aluminum and glass garage doors

New York Gates is a manufacturer of aluminum and glass garage doors that seamlessly blend contemporary design with functionality.

Their security gate specialists develop customized solutions for each unique space and craft superior products with the finest raw materials. Here are some of the key benefits of aluminum and glass garage doors:

Full view aluminum and glass garage doors feature an elegant aluminum frame, allowing you to customize your door’s look with multiple glass panels.

These doors are perfect for high-end commercial or residential applications. They are available in seven different colors and include attractive color-matched aluminum grip handles.

Another advantage of these garage doors is their vinyl bottom weather seal. A vinyl bottom weather seal prevents water from penetrating the frame. This seal is removable and replaceable, allowing you to change it as needed.

Both aluminum and glass garage doors are available in many styles, including frameless and infinity models. Frameless glass garage doors are framed with glass on the front and steel on the sides.

They are designed with non-beveled edges to minimize the appearance of seams. You can also choose insulated rails and stiles for better insulation. Foamed in-place polyurethane insulation fills the rails and stiles, increasing the R-value of the doors.

In addition to being durable, aluminum and glass garage doors can improve the aesthetics of your home. The aluminum frame is available in clear, black, bronze, or bronze anodized finishes, and multiple glass options allow you to customize the level of natural light and privacy.

Full view garage doors have large glass panels and an aluminum frame for a unique design that enhances your home’s exterior appeal and curb appeal. For those who are looking for a more contemporary style, glass panels can add more curb appeal to your home.

Moreover, unlike wood and metal garage doors, glass garage doors are easy to clean and don’t need any painting to maintain their appearance. Glass doors are also easier to customize compared to their wooden counterparts.

For instance, glass doors can be tinted, tempered, or regular. Additionally, you can customize the color of the glass panels to match your home or business’s exterior.

Another important feature of glass garage doors is that they can be customized to match any interior and exterior decor.

The glass panels can be tinted to suit your preference and the aluminum frame can be powder coated or painted to match your property.

The Benefits of EXL Garage Doors

#Sectional with polyurethane insulation

Polyurethane and polystyrene are two popular types of insulation for overhead sectional garage doors. However, these two types of insulation offer significant differences.

It’s important to learn the differences and the benefits of polyurethane insulation before choosing an overhead sectional garage door. Polyurethane is a better option for the following reasons:

This material is pre-formed onto the steel panel, and is glued to the front and back of the interior panel. Polystyrene does not degrade and does not lose its R-Value.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers opt to use closed-cell polyurethane, which negates the benefits of polystyrene. Moreover, closed-cell polyurethane doesn’t fit as tightly into the panel ends as polystyrene does, and it does not provide the same stiffness.

This is one of the reasons why most sectional garage doors with polyurethane insulation do not offer the same R-Value.

Although polyurethane is a more expensive material than polystyrene, it doesn’t add a lot to the cost of a sectional garage door. Thin steel skins can dent easily, and small waves in the door will show within a few feet.

These imperfections will make your door look terrible. Another material to avoid is polystyrene, a synthetic aromatic polymer commonly used in shipping to protect goods.

The benefits of insulated sectional garage doors go beyond energy efficiency. Because they prevent heat from entering the home, insulated doors are more energy-efficient.

They are quieter, too. Hence, they are an excellent choice for homeowners who live in colder climates. You can also reduce your heating and cooling bills. These benefits are even more pronounced if you have a garage attached to your home.

When choosing a sectional garage door, it’s important to consider the thermal and sound insulation performance. Thermacore(r) sectional doors with polyurethane insulation offer superior thermal protection in comparison to standard insulated ones.

Thermacore sectional doors have strict quality standards and product tolerances. And they are ozone-friendly. They will reduce your energy bills and your household’s carbon footprint.

#Sectional garage doors with torsion springs

Sectional garage doors use torsion springs to balance the door and apply torque to its shaft. These cables extend to the bottom fixture and secure it there.

As the door opens and closes, they wind and unwind, increasing the lift and cycle life of the door. Torsion springs are classified according to their wire size, inside diameter, and length. Torsion springs are the most common types of springs in garage doors.

Torsion springs require multiple parts. The spring is mounted in the shaft and the idler bracket serves as a spring anchor bracket. The torsion spring ends are connected to the shaft using set screws.

Some springs have special loops at their ends, while others are fixed to the barrel using a rod or another type of screw. Torsion springs can last for several years when care is taken.

The springs of sectional garage doors are made of either square wire or galvanized wire. The weight of the door determines the number of springs.

Residential sectional doors usually use one spring or two, but you can also find lightweight versions that require only one spring.

Torsion springs are generally designed to last for 10,000 cycles. If you have a heavier door, you can install two springs.

Sectional garage doors are the most common style of garage door. They come in many styles and materials. Depending on the location of the garage, they can be either single or double panel.

Regardless of the material, sectional garage doors use spring mechanisms to offset the weight of manually lifting the door. The springs used in sectional garage doors can be extension or torsion, but torsion springs are more expensive.

If you’re unsure which springs are the best choice for your particular situation, you can buy extension springs that are cheaper and last 8,000 to fifteen cycles.

They can last between seven and twelve years. They are long and situated above the horizontal track of the door. They pressurize and tighten when the door is lowered.

Safety cables are attached to these springs to keep them from breaking. They also cost less to replace than torsion springs.

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