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GDS Garage Doors – What to Expect From a GDS Garage Door Installation GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | GDS garage doors are known for their exceptional build quality and design.

They feature a patented broad profile design for enhanced performance, security, and colour options. Expert advice and information are available to help you make a decision on the type of door that’s right for your garage.

Find out what the typical price is for a GDS garage door and what to expect from the installation process. Buying a GDS garage door from a reputable company will give you peace of mind knowing that you are making the right choice for your home.

Typical GDS Garage Doors

Several customers have complained about GDS garage door service. Roy S., a San Jose resident, was charged nearly four thousand dollars for a door replacement.

The technician quoted him a price of just under $1,300, but then dropped it to almost half. When Roy refused to pay, he wrote a check for another company and he was sent home.

When the door did not work five weeks later, Roy tried calling GDS and the company threatened to destroy his check. He went to a different company instead and was charged about half of the price.

GDS garage door repair services have been accused of overcharging and shoddy work. WTTE’s investigation found that GDS technicians charged a senior citizen living on Social Security almost $900 for a spring that broke.

The company sent a second tech who replaced the photo-eye and strut. But he wanted an additional $451 to replace the operator, and another $200 to install the new springs. GDS claimed that Mark, the first tech, was the best tech in Dallas for the past couple of years. He made up to $120,000 a year.

GDS has a track record of responding poorly to complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have “F” ratings and many customers are still not happy.

Although the company has a new owner, many former customers are unhappy. One of the reasons for this is that Houston-based Garage Door Services sued GDS for using their name. GDS responded by deleting the complaints against Houston-based Garage Door Services.

Garage Door Services is an American company with a nationwide presence. They operate under various names and in 14 states. Their headquarters have been in San Diego for the last 15 years.

The company is currently moving to Dallas, where they will set up a nationwide call center. While its name is not a secret, you should know that this company isn’t the best choice for your garage door repair needs. The company claims to fix garage doors that are “unreasonably expensive.”

#Typical Installation

GDS Garage Doors has received 284 complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the past three years. A large portion of these complaints were related to excessive charges, with some customers experiencing triple charges for the same work.

In one case, a homeowner was charged $1200 for a broken spring, which would be much less if the spring were replaced by a competitor. The company also operates under several different names in different cities.

Despite the scams, the company isn’t the only one that uses deceptive tactics. Small local businesses can pop up in a matter of months, claiming to offer cheap emergency services.

According to a recent investigation by Dateline NBC, two out of every ten local businesses were ripping off homeowners and overcharging for emergency repairs.

While GDS isn’t responsible for these scams, it is still worth being careful and reading reviews about local companies before making a decision.

#Typical GDS Garage Doors Repair

The BBB has a history of churning out complaints about GDS. In the last three years, the BBB reported 338 complaints against GDS; that doesn’t take into account the 246 that had been pending but never addressed.

Nevertheless, GDS has improved its response times and the quality of their service, despite the large number of complaints it still has. So what can you expect from a typical GDS garage door repair?

According to the BBB, GDS received 284 complaints between 2012 and 2015. Many customers complained that the company doubled or tripled the cost of the same service, like repairing broken springs.

In fact, one repair could cost as much as $1200 for some consumers. This company goes by many other names, including Garage Door Services. Some of these companies also have a large web presence and operate under several different names.

As one former GDS tech, I can confirm that these tactics are completely intentional. The techs don’t give customers contracts on the job site and want immediate payment.

In my case, the GDS tech refused to let me write a check to Escondido Overhead Garage Doors and instead demanded I sign a contract immediately. As a result, my bank gave the check to GDS, and I realized that I was a victim of contractor fraud.

Regardless of how old your garage door is, it’s important to have a professional check it regularly to ensure that it’s safe. A typical GDS garage door repair will include a free safety inspection of the door’s springs and moving parts.

If you have a garage door that’s been used for several years, it’s important to replace worn parts to prevent a bigger problem. Spring failure is a sign of a much bigger problem, and ignoring it can put you at risk of serious injury.

When comparing garage door repair companies, look for the logos on the company’s website. Look for a Google Guarantee badge, and make sure the business has undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure their credentials.

A reputable company will be backed by a Google Guarantee, which means they’ve been screened by the company itself. When comparing quotes, make sure you get two estimates from different companies.

#Typical GDS Garage Doors Price

How much does a GDS garage door cost? A typical installation costs between $1,400 and $4,600. But how much can you expect to pay for a typical repair job? Fortunately, there are several things you can look for in a garage door quote.

You may be surprised to learn that a company can charge more for a similar job, or even more. Here are some tips to help you decide what you can afford.

The company’s reputation has taken a hit, with dozens of complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau over the past three years.

Many consumers were dissatisfied with the high prices, with some homeowners even reporting triple-charges for the same work.

In one case, a homeowner reported that a single broken spring replaced by a GDS tech cost more than $1200, which is double the price she had been quoted by a competitor.

While this may seem like an ominous warning sign, it’s important to remember that the company is not without its problems.

The BBB has been monitoring GDS since 2002, and there are many “unsatisfactory” ratings for its locations. The BBB’s complaint process is much more reputable than complaints on random complaint sites. The company takes the time to review the complaint, which gives the accused company a chance to respond.

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