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GEIS Garage Doors and Building Products GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | If you’re interested in getting a new garage door, you can turn to Geis Garage Doors and Building Products.

These companies specialize in different types of garage doors, such as Tilt-up garage doors, steel panel garage doors, and carriage house doors.

In addition to garage doors, GEIS has a variety of other products to choose from, such as melamine and wire shelving systems, belt-drive LiftMaster door openers, counter shutters, and strip curtains.

Geis Garage Doors & Building Products

Founded in 1955, Geis Garage Doors & Building Products offers a variety of garage door solutions for residential and commercial buildings. From raised-panel doors to urethane ones, GEIS provides an impressive selection.

In addition to garage doors, the company offers sun tunnels and shelving, belt-drive LiftMaster door openers, strip curtains, and counter shutters. For more information about the company and its products, visit

Whether you live in Milwaukee or need professional installation, Geis Garage Doors & Building Products offers fast and convenient service for all your garage door needs.

They offer 24-hour emergency service and highly trained technicians. Whether your door is in need of spring adjustment, roller replacement, or cable repair, you can count on GEIS Doors to provide quality service at affordable prices. Geis Garage Doors & Building Products is proud to serve the Milwaukee area and the surrounding area.

#Steel Panel Garage Doors

With a lifetime manufacturer limited warranty and traditional good looks, steel panel garage doors are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance garage door.

You can choose from several different colors and window styles, and the variety of designs offered by GEIS is nearly endless. Here are some of the most popular features of this maintenance-free garage door:

GEIS garage doors are available in a variety of styles, from traditional carriage houses to modern metal garages. The company offers many different types of doors, including wood sectionals, urethane doors, and steel and fiberglass doors.

It also offers counter shutters, strip curtains, and lift-master door openers. Whether you need a commercial door or a residential one, GEIS is sure to meet your needs.

#Carriage Door Styles

If you are looking to install a beautiful garage door on your home, consider the Carriage House Collection. This series of doors incorporates the classic carriage house style with superior insulated steel construction.

These styles are available in multiple colors, textures, and materials, and can include windows or shutters. The carriage house doors enhance curb appeal while also offering superior thermal performance and wind load. In addition, the door styles are customizable for any application, from modern to traditional.

If you are building a home in the Midwest, you need a door that is designed for this climate. Wood is not recommended because it can warp and rot, and aluminum doesn’t handle weather extremes very well.

For this reason, a steel carriage style door is the best choice for your home. Additionally, it is energy efficient. You can use a traditional wood garage door with a steel carriage style for an energy-efficient and long-lasting door.

While traditional carriage style doors can be stylish, you should keep in mind that they are not practical in the Midwest. Wood won’t look good, and a wooden door won’t function well in the colder months.

However, if you’re considering a carriage style door, you might want to consider a more modern steel garage door instead. Unlike wood, steel carriage doors will last for decades.

The GEIS building products company was founded in 1955. They offer residential and commercial doors, as well as carriage house doors. They also sell Wayne Dalton and Amarr garage doors.

Aside from offering high-quality garage doors, the company also offers preventative maintenance programs and repairs.

You can also ask about a lifetime warranty if your door is older than six years old. So, make sure to shop around and make the right choice for your home.

#Tilt-up Garage Doors

Tilt-up garage doors have a long history and are a popular choice for many homeowners. They were most popular in the 1960s and 1970s but still remain in use today.

While most of these doors work well and are relatively inexpensive, they may be outdated and unsafe. Read on to learn about the advantages of replacement tilt-up garage doors. Listed below are some of the advantages of Geis tilt-up garage doors.

Unlike other styles of garage doors, tilt-up doors are made of sturdy materials. They also tend to require less maintenance and require less moving parts. In addition, tilt-up doors can be custom-made to fit any style and color.

These doors can add a classic look to your home. But be careful – tilt-up garage doors are not for every home. Geis tilt-up garage doors are not the best option for your home.

Tilt-up garage doors are considered more elegant than sectional doors. When fully open, they hang down from the ceiling of your garage. They can be customized to include windows or an entry door.

The cost of these doors will vary depending on their style, so it’s important to know what your budget is before purchasing. A less expensive option is limited in options. Nonetheless, a more expensive one will give you more choices.

These doors offer a unique way to enter and exit your garage. The doors are suspended separately from the frame. Tilt-up retractable doors do not protrude past the front of your home, so they require more space.

Tilt-up retractable doors are generally harder to operate and are more expensive than other styles. Heavy-duty tension springs and other parts can pose a hazard. You should be able to safely work around these springs before installing a new door.

#Aluminum Garage Doors

The Envy(tm) Model 9980 provides the ultimate in contemporary elegance, with five glass options. This product also features a revolutionary Residential Exterior Shutter system that meets residential building safety standards.

The doors’ full-view panels feature anodized coatings and come in a variety of glass options. Thermacore(r) premium insulated steel garage doors are also available and feature between-section seals for maximum energy efficiency.

When you purchase a Geis Garage Door, you can expect to enjoy years of quality service from a company that values excellent workmanship. They also offer 24-hour emergency service for their customers.

Additionally, they provide expert repair of all major garage door brands and models. Whether you’re looking for a replacement section or a remote control repair, Geis’ expert technicians can handle your issue quickly and professionally. They also offer preventative maintenance programs for all types of garage doors.

Geis Building Products is a Wisconsin-based garage door company that services the southeastern Wisconsin region. They provide free estimates and have a large showroom where customers can view garage doors from Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and Amarr.

Additionally, they offer garage door tune-ups and preventive maintenance services for a minimal fee. The company is conveniently located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, so if you need service, they can be at your house within 30 minutes.

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