Henry’s Garage in Billings, Montana

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Henry’s Garage in Billings, Montana – Find the Best Route With Moovit GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | Find the quickest route to Henry’s Garage Billings with Moovit. The restaurant offers catering and outdoor seating.

It also has a masonry cornice with a sign. If you are planning an event at Henry’s Garage, Moovit can help you find the best route.

In addition to its restaurant and outdoor pavilion, it also features a catering kitchen. In addition to its convenient location, this Billings restaurant also features a large parking lot.

Moovit Helps You Find The Best Way to Get to Henry’s Garage Billings

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Moovit allows you to plan your trip to Henry’s Garage Billings by providing directions from your current location to the nearest public bus stop.

Buses and train stations are right on your doorsteps – all you need to do is check the timetables and find the shortest route. Moovit also shows you the closest stop or subway station to Henry’s Garage Billings.

#It Has a Catering Kitchen

In the south of Billings, Montana, you can find Henry’s Garage, a unique event venue complete with a 1950s diner and automobilia. The space is also a catering kitchen and offers an outdoor pavilion.

Both spaces can be used for different kinds of events. Here you can host a reception, business meeting, wedding, or other event. You can also have your event in the garage, if you prefer.

Henry’s Garage is also a filming location. The movie was filmed on location in the neighborhood where the diner is located.

Some of the filming locations are located in the same building as the restaurant: a pizza joint, parking lot, and post office.

The only exception is the owner’s boyhood home, which is situated between 24th Avenue and Astoria Boulevard. Apparently, he’s used to film buffs stopping by to have a drink.

#It Has an Outdoor Pavilion

If you are looking for a unique event venue in Billings, Montana, then Henry’s Garage is the place to go. This historic venue includes a 1950s diner, automobilia, catering kitchen, and outdoor pavilion.

This venue is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. It is a perfect combination of style and convenience. A private party or reception can be held in the garage or under the outdoor pavilion.

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