Hidden Garage Door – Tips to Install

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Tips to Install a Hidden Garage Door GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | If you want to protect your house from robbers and home invasion, you should install a hidden garage door.

It will delay their entry and deter them from breaking into your house. To make the door look as good as the facade of your house, you should choose materials and paint that match.

The workmanship of the hidden garage door should be seamless. Here are some tips to install a hidden garage door:

Tips to Install a Hidden Garage Door

#Ideal Park’s Model 8300

Whether you live in a suburban or urban neighborhood, a hidden garage door is a practical way to store your valuables and protect your home from extreme temperatures.

Unlike garage doors that require huge lifts, awkward ramps, and unsightly panels, Ideal Park’s Model 8300 is hidden in the basement and looks like a part of the driveway. The Model 8300’s steel construction makes it extremely durable and comes in five different classic designs.

#Beausoleil Architects’ James Bond-style hidden garage door

In one case, a garage in San Francisco is integrated into a historic building. Beausoleil Architects incorporated bay windows to create a James Bond-style hidden garage door, which enables the owners to park their jeep on the ground floor without violating rules for historic buildings. Another project by the firm, located in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, incorporated the bay windows into the garage.

Hidden Garage Door

#Model 9700 Carriage House Steel

The Model 9700 Carriage House Steel garage doors from Wayne Dalton can add the finishing touch to the exterior design of your home.

These doors come in a variety of styles and designs, and many are available with reinforced panels in areas with high wind conditions.

These doors also feature foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with an R-value of 10, which can increase thermal efficiency and block street noise while providing a quieter operation.

For the ultimate in sophistication and strength, the Wayne Dalton Model 9700 Carriage House Steel garage doors offer 14 different panel designs.

These panels are embossed with different patterns, which simulate the look of crafted wood. These doors are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.

Wayne Dalton’s garage doors are also available in a variety of stain and paint colors. Moreover, the Wayne Dalton Model 9700 Carriage House Steel garage door comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Model 9700 Carriage House Steel garage doors are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. They come with an R-Value of 10*, making them very energy-efficient.

The panels have been foamed-in-place with polyurethane, which provides twice the thermal performance of polysterene. Pinch-resistant door panels keep your fingers safe when closing or opening the door.

For an extra decorative touch, Wayne Dalton offers various decorative styles, including a windowed top panel that can be used to show off the outside of your home.

These doors are available in both painted and Eurowhite finishes, and come with decorative window overlays. Some of the carriage house doors are factory painted and primed.

Va Door recommends a light color latex exterior paint for this door. It is not uncommon for Wayne Dalton garage doors to be factory painted and primed.

#Model 8800 Contemporary Aluminum garage door

If you’re thinking of enhancing the look of your garage with a new door, consider the Wayne Dalton Model 8800 Contemporary Aluminum garage door. These doors feature sleek lines and anodized aluminum frames.

They are available in two different model numbers, one for the western region of the U.S., and the other for the eastern and central regions. Aside from its beautiful designs, these garage doors also feature an impressive list of features.

This aluminum garage door features many color options. You can choose from clear, black, bronze, or gray anodized finishes. Choose from a wide range of 197 RAL color options to match your home.

Alternatively, choose from seven glass options, including 1/8-inch clear, bronze-tinted, green-tinted, and white laminated. All of these options feature insulated sections, which keep the elements out.

In addition to the standard paint-grade finish, this garage door comes with insulated stiles and rails. The door also features foam-in-place polyurethane insulation in the rails, which adds an additional R-value of up to 4.36.

Choosing insulated doors can save you money in the long run, so consider the R-value before making your decision. You can compare Wayne Dalton’s warranty details and decide for yourself if this is an option for you.

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