White House Wood Garage Door – How to Paint

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How to Paint a White House Wood Garage Door GarageDoorSalesNearme.Com | If you want to paint your wood garage door white, you should follow some simple instructions.

First, you must apply a coat of primer to the garage door. Then, you need to paint the panels, recessed areas around the panels, and the stiles.

You also need to paint the border around the garage door. After you’ve completed the first coat, you need to paint the rest of the garage door. You should apply a second coat of paint if you want the color to stay brighter.

How to Paint a White House Wood Garage Door

Walnut Brown Garage Door

Rustic wood looks great on garage doors, and the color of walnut complements both white and black houses. It also complements rustic wood trim and windows.

If you’re not sure what color to go with, consider walnut brown. Alternatively, consider a rustic blue or gray door instead.

The house with the black garage door will likely sell for more than the one without. Listed homes can sell for up to 6000 percent more than those without.

While dark brown and black garage doors look great on many houses, they can create an unflattering “black hole” effect.

Moreover, if your home sits far back from the street, a lighter door may be better. If your house is close to the curb, a soft ivory white can give it an impression of being larger and more spacious. However, if your home sits close to the street, a light-colored door will make your home look closer to the curb.

Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer)

The CANYON RIDGE Carriage House (5-Layer) series combines the traditional appeal of a wood carriage house with energy-saving insulation technology.

This combination provides the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal for virtually any residential garage setup.

For durability and added safety, this collection includes an optional WINDCODE(r) reinforcement product. In addition to these advantages, this garage door is covered by a limited five-year warranty.

The stylish and insulated Carriage House garage door is made of five layers: steel, insulation, composite cladding, and a faux wood-look overlay.

This door features upward operation, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. Canyon Ridge Modern garage doors combine the traditional look of wood with contemporary style. Choose this door style if you’re planning to build a mid-century or traditional style home.

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